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Annette has managed and directed children’s and youth programs for over 20 years. During that time, she wrote curriculum for character growth and development of elementary age children, developed parent training seminars to benefit the community, and worked with and counseled at-risk youth. With a heart and passion for protecting and serving children, she has received over 35 service hours of training and 60 hours of in-service training from the Texas Department Of Family And Protective Services (DFPS) through Lutheran Social Services Of the South for fields of study including: Early Childhood Development, Behavioral Management and Intervention, Conflict Resolution, Child Attachment Disorders, Loss And Grief Counseling and Recognizing And Identifying The Effects Of Abuse. She and her husband have two adopted children with learning challenges and continue to serve and help the children in the community through various programs including CASA and Achievers Center For Education, a school for special needs students.



Where The Nose Goes, So Does The World

So much of what I know and believe today came from books I read as a kid. Torn and weathered library pages that boasted handling from countless other children, were my place of refuge and many times my schoolhouse. Characters I loved and ones I loved to hate lived on those pages, and I couldn’t wait to meet them there any time I got a chance.

 I grew up in an era where literacy was a national goal. Any author willing and able to confiscate a child and whisk them away into the great unknown—via words on a page, got free rein to do so, no questions asked. As a result, many books worthy of raised eyebrows got a green light at my house because my mom delighted in seeing my nose in a book. Judy Blume, whose books might seem rather tame in today’s culture, was one such covert and scandalous writer—at least to me and my 5th grade peers, who kept her books under our mattresses and read them by flashlight after bedtime.

 Although electronics are challenging the noses of today’s youth to go book-free, the draw of a good story can still captive, inspire and intrigue. Most of all, it can imprint a measure of hope, truth, nobility and courage that cannot be obtained through sensory overload. It’s my hope that the stories I write will pull kids into a love of reading and leave them with a bundle of treasure they can take and invest in the future.   


Books for Adults


Promises for Moms
from Your Father Who Loves You

This 52-week devotional journal encourages mothers with wisdom and hope from the Word. You'll start each week reading a promise, then meditating and deepening your understanding throughout the week. Share the journal with your children as a heritage of your family's faith.


Short and Sweet: Small Word for Big Thoughts

"In this book you’ll see just what can happen when 69 Christian writers break their attachment to multi-syllable words and get back to the familiar words of childhood, simple words like brave, true, loyal, love, and joy."


A Crevice in Time

Coming Soon!

Rose Kinsman is a small town girl with a huge heart that holds everyone and everything together, but when tragedy strikes and everything starts to come apart at the seams, she falls for the wiles of Lucas, the tall, dark and handsome town ruffian. 

Lucas’s dark side soon emerges, leaving Rose with a choice to stay at the only home she’s ever known and die, or take a chance on a stranger who offers to help her escape. 

Rose finds that her decision to leave not only determines the fate of her future, but also opens a door to reveal her mysterious past.