The Soundtrack of a Story

Have you ever wished you could add a soundtrack to your writing? All the best movies have memorable music that undergirds the storyline and carries it on sound waves straight to your heart. Think—Star Wars, Chariots Of Fire, Rocky. The scores that accompany these motion pictures leave an indelible mark on our brains and we echo them back into the universe frequently, in showers and SUVs everywhere. I noticed an odd thing the other night when my husband John and I went to see a movie. So many of the newer movies aren’t using original music or scores. These days they seem to revel in remaking some of the moldiest oldies into a fusion of edgy-funk. Then they drop them behind action-packed scenes to give the whole flick a grungy feel. Weird. What’s up with that? Think-- -Guardians Of The Galaxy, Valerian and pretty much all the super hero movies made in the last 5 years.

Whatever the style, the music reminds us of the story and the story reminds us of the music. It seems unfair that our written adventures can’t enjoy the same symbiotic relationship music shares with the screen. 

If you could add music to whatever you are currently writing, what would it be?

John GriffinComment